L Chiocciola

Snail farm in Dorzano ITALY

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L    Chiocciola

La Chiocciola born in Dorzano, in a small country town of Biella, to raise awareness in this area a high quality product. A food light, easily digestible and suitable for all food preparation.

The snail farming during specific treatments for purging moisture and consequently has the highest yield in the kitchen, is a guarantee of health and hygiene, because it is nourished exclusively of selected plant, and is experienced in environmental and hygiene conditions subsidiaries.

The meat of the snails are tender crisp. Why, a comparison of the cycle in nature, the timing of growth are much faster. Are then packaged according to a specific size: its cooking is therefore more homogeneous and easier.

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La Chiocciola
Elicicoltura a ciclo biologico
Via Annibale Beduglio, 13
13881 Dorzano (BI)
Tel. +39 333-6909419  Tel. +39 339-7564454

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